LTC Class

We offer a monthly LTC (License to Carry) class one Saturday per month. The course is held in our training facility, on premises, by Vince Walker. This class covers Texas’ requirements for individuals to acquire their LTC license. Vince will teach the participants the laws governing this license and how to comply with them while carrying a firearm. He will go over proper concealment and proper open carry procedures. Once the classroom portion of the class is over, the class will then head out to the shooting range.

The next phase, at the range, will test the aptitude of each individual with a handgun. Each participant will supply their own handgun. Ammo is available for purchase at the store. Vince will ensure that each of the participants are able to competent handle their handgun and take the shooting test with confidence.

Vince will supply the class with the necessary paperwork and the Certificate of Completion for the course. He will also give detailed instructions for the next steps for the participants to complete and receive their LTC License.