Adventure and Misadventure

Adventure and Misadventure



I drove to the tree farm to work Sunday and Monday.

Upon arrival, I filled the pig pipes with corn and confirmed that the camera was working properly. Then, to bed.

The telephone camera sent the attached photo after midnight. I made my approach but there was no pig. Very wary are these old boars.

Later that night I was up for an “old guy” and took a look into the yard with the thermal scanner. See attached video of an armadillo that lives under the porch. I don’t think he saw me, but he sure was sniffing the air, a lot. After I disturbed his nightly feed, he made a straight line to the porch.

The phone woke me up about 5:30 with a deer in the picture. I grabbed the thermal scanner to look around the house. Hokey Smokes! A cat! I grabbed the AR which was right there. I turned on the night vision scope and found the cat. Rifle on the tripod. It sat down and was looking right at me. So far, so good. This was to be my first shot at a predator. I was imagining how I would have it mounted. Boom! Sad face, no cat. I must have missed.

Like the receiver in football – catch the ball before running to the end zone.

I know there are bobcats around. Also, see the third attachment. This is a cat that I have been seeing on my other game camera. This is probably a feral cat, a valid target.

The weather was wonderful. Clear skies at night with a third quarter moon. Did some mowing and tractor work Monday. Great day.

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