Be Ready at Any Time

Be Ready at Any Time



The drought is over. The rains will arrive tonight at the tree farm. And, I took three hogs while I was there over the last two days.

I spent yesterday planting my deer food plots. I have five small areas (maybe two acres total) planted with a mix of oats, winter peas, clover, and other good stuff to bring the deer.

Just about sunset, I saw a sow and a couple of bacon bits from the kitchen window. I managed to get a shot with the AR-15 Sharps in 25-45 caliber. Even with a good shot through the neck, the little guy ran about 10 yards. He was dead, but he didn’t know it.

The telephone camera woke me up at about 2300 showing a couple of shoats coming to the corn. Used the AR again to dispatch that little boar. I was hoping to get a two-fer. My shot placement on the near hog was well aft hoping to get a neck shot on the second hog. First hog went down and needed a second shot to finish the job. No sign of an exit wound, so my plan didn’t work. Would have been better with a larger caliber.

The following morning as I was cooking breakfast, I saw a large boar at the pig pipe off the side of the house. He was very alert moving nervously around the corn on the ground. Turned stove off, I went out the back door 30-06 in hand. I went via the back porch to get to a shooting position. He was a bit calmer by then and had begun eating. I was leaning on the corner of the house and waited for the good neck shot. Shortly, he turned, and I squeezed off the shot. Down he went. As I approached, he was still twitching. Realizing that he might still get up and run (based on my own experience), I administered the coup-de-grace. 

I had seen this boar on previous photos easily recognizable with very long tusks. The dermestid beetles should be going to work soon preparing the European mount.

He weighted in at 250 pounds (using a scale not intended for commercial use). 

So, we have a few less invasive animals here in Texas. And, I have had a great time in the country.

Don’t know why the sound is not in sync in the video.

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