Father and Son Bonding

Father and Son Bonding



My son Ben came to the tree farm Thursday afternoon. His plan was to stay the night and hunt.

This has been a cool fall, we have had freezing temps overnight several days this month. It was a beautiful afternoon with the fall colors at their peak (per Texas standards, not New England standards).

Ben took the 30-06 to the elevated, two-man stand. I set up my pop up blind near the house. Of course, there is texting back and forth. He did not have a shot at a deer, and the sun had set. A few hogs came out so Ben took out a small boar. He hoped for a two-fer, but that didn’t happen. It was an excellent neck shot.

We got the tractor and gutted it and laid it in the trailer covered with a tarp. It was plenty cool overnight.

We had our supper and sounded taps.

At 2230, the camera sent a picture of some pigs at the pig pipe. Ben grabbed the AR, and we slipped outside. The moon was very bright, but we managed to get in a good position without the hogs seeing us. The rifle now has a night vision scope (infrared). There was a bit of fog in the air as the ground cooled due to the clear night sky. The fog interfered a bit in his ability to see the pigs. But, see them he did. He picked out the biggest one and drilled the big sow through the neck. (With the infrared, their eyes really glow.)

Another great shot.

The hog went about 10 yards before it fell. It was still twitching, so he put another round through its head.

Porcus Hogrelius
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