Night vision versus thermal

Night vision versus thermal



Please see the attached videos.

One is from my thermal scanner. The setting was “red hot” which gives it the red and yellow coloring with an excellent contrast against the background.

The night vision video with the spotted hog corresponds with the thermal images.

The third video is a hog at 20 yards in the tall grain. A thermal scope would allow shots through the standing grain. At 40ish yards, the IR image was nothing but stalks of grain as the IR illumination simply bounced off the grain and hid the pig’s image. Notice how well their eyes show up in the IR light.

Fortunately, I was able to take to pig in the tall grass. The glowing eyes allowed for a good neck shot.

I cannot explain why the sound is out of sync with the visual images.

Thermal devices and night vision devices are different and can serve different purposes. Your choice of which device to use will depend on your needs and your budget. Each can serve to make you a better hog hunter.

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