Suburban Feral Hog Control

Suburban Feral Hog Control



A week or two ago, the residents of our small town began observing hog damage to the area at the edge of town where the town begins along an adjoining cattle pasture. They have really made a mess of things rooting up a large area around the fire station and the soccer field.

I sent an email to our mayor explaining my experience with hog control.

This afternoon, I met with a fellow city councilman to survey the damage and to discuss the techniques used to control these foreign invaders. Specifically, we discussed the methods I use to bait them to the telephone camera, the thermal scanner, and the night vision scope. He was quickly convinced of the efficacy of these processes.

He considers the purchase of camera(s) for hog control and for other security purposes valid expenses. I am exploring purchases now.

I explained that we could set out a pig pipe just inside the pasture with a camera mounted close by. This would alert me to the hog’s presence. I could park nearby and set up in a safe firing position and dispatch the vermin.

He has been in contact with the neighboring rancher who will be contacting me soon to confirm these arrangements and perhaps to set up a bait site further inside his property and away from the city limits.

As you read subsequent meditations, the details of the hog control process will unfold.

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