Suburban Hog Control Soon

Suburban Hog Control Soon



As noted in a previous meditation, I will be engaged in hog control in my little town since feral hogs have been damaging the public areas including our soccer field.

The attached cartoon demonstrates how my hog control process will work.

I will stage some corn in a ‘pig pipe” to attract the swine. The pig pipe is a length of 4” PVC pipe with several holes drilled in it. It is closed on the ends and filled with corn. The pigs are smart enough to roll the pipe with their snouts thereby dispensing the corn. Other animals like raccoons don’t have the ability to do that.

The camera will take their picture and send it to my phone. I will wake up, drive to an area near the pig pipe, quietly move to within striking range, use the thermal scanner and night vision scope to target the porker, and bring its destructive life to a quick end.

The city has approved the purchase of a couple of these camera: awaiting delivery. I have been in contact with the rancher who has approved this plan. Yesterday, I explained to our Police Chief my plan: he approves. Soon, all will be in order.

Also attaching a photo of a trap the rancher placed on the city property. A big pig was trapped buy muscled his way out. That was a big pig.

Of course, the purpose of this effort is to keep the pigs off of city property. It’s possible that they will have moved on by the time I get everything in place.

Assuming that I do shoot a hog or two, the remainder will probably get wise to what I’m doing and depart. Again, mission will be accomplished.

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